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Guest Post: 3 Reasons Why I Love My New Mattress

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I hadn’t planned on purchasing a new mattress this year for my husband and myself, but life happens and so did a new mattress.

We decided to get a mattress for ourselves and put our old mattress in our renovated guest room. We had been sleeping on a spring mattress with a memory foam topper. We thought we were comfortable enough, but wanted more room, so upsized from queen to king.

No More Achy Body

That comfort thing I mentioned above? Well NOW I am comfortable! My quality of sleep has improved and, while I wake up more refreshed, I really enjoy mornings when I don’t need to get out of bed early.

Comfort is a pretty big deal to me. I love leggings and big sweaters, cozy blankets, and soft things. So, when we got our new mattress, it was very important that it meet my expectations. The Harmony Gel mattress we chose has exceeded all of my requirements. I really didn’t know how much my old mattress was affecting my body. I would wake up with achy shoulders or hips. It was probably all due to lack of support or something—I don’t know for sure, but for the month I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress, I no longer ache.

The Benefits of Upsizing

What can I say? Upsizing from a queen bed to king has been amazing. Okay, so I’ll admit, it’s not just my husband and me sleeping in the bed. At any given time of night, we could have up to 2 cats and a dog on the bed with us. Did I mention that one of the cats is a 20 pounder and the dog is medium sized? I don’t even notice them anymore. It is true that if I’m cold and need a little extra warmth from my husband, I need to make a tiny effort to snuggle up to him, but that’s a small sacrifice to make, right?

Less Movement

Restless Leg Syndrome. Need I say more? If you sleep with someone who has it, is just generally fidgety at night, or has a different schedule than you, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

When I walked into the Jonathan Stevens store in Grandville, one of the first questions I was asked was “Does your partner move a lot, keeping you awake at night?” Holy mother of all that is good and evil in this world, YES! That was why I was directed to the SensuRest Gel line of mattresses. I had no idea how many times I was awakened until it wasn’t happening anymore. Now I hardly notice that I am sharing the bed. I think he would have to be jumping on the bed for me to even feel it. That might be a slight exaggeration, but not much. I’m sure that if I mentioned that to him, he’d be happy to oblige. Now to figure out a way to get him to stop stealing covers. Suggestions welcome.