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It’s Just a Stage You’re Sleeping Through

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sleeping is an integral part of healthy living and as a result one is advised to have enough sleep every night as an essential for good thinking. For many, Jonathan Stevens Mattress is the best mattress brand for sleeping solutions. Well, while many would take sleep as a normal daily routine, scientifically there are many twists and bounds that have been proven to have been derived from sleep. The scientific community has already given sufficient proof that sleep helps the body repair itself. During sleep, it is said the body metabolism is well balanced as the person is at rest without the disturbance from usual daily routines. This means, the body gets reorganized and will work better after waking up. Another scientific stand on sleep is that, it helps improve weight loss, memory and in some instances prevent common cold.

While sleeping is a normal routine that we involuntarily find ourselves in, there is the aspect of scientifically sleeping. This point towards certain stages in sleeping and in this case, we shall look at five stages in sleeping from a scientific angle. Science recommends eight hours for a good sleep but the question is what actually transpires during these eight hours?

Sleeping stage one: Nodding off (Non REM)

Sleep starts slowly at a stage usually referred to as nodding off. During this stage, the brain produces slow theta waves and this stage usually last for about ten minutes. Many people in this stage of sleeping naturally deny they are asleep when they are awoken.

Sleeping stage two: Starting Up the ā€˜Zā€™ factory

In this stage, the brain is tuned to sleep and ostensibly takes over. The brain starts to produce sleeping spindles or signals and the waves of sleep become rapid and rhythmic. The heart beat slows down and a significant decrease in body temperature is witnessed. At this stage, one can begin to snore and when awoken will jerk off with a surprise.

Sleeping Stage Three: Going in.

This would be compared to puberty in teenagers. At this stage, one is deep asleep and is hard to wake up.

Sleeping stage Four: The fun stage.

The delta waves of sleep in this stage are deep and funny things can happen ranging from sleep walking, dreaming aloud to wetting your bed. Basically, everything at this stage is involuntary.

Sleeping Stage Five: Sweet dreams (REM)

This is the final stage scientifically suggested in sleep. In this part of sleep, many actually end up waking up even before it is complete as daybreak happens. It is the sweet dreams stage.