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Latex Mattress Foam Makes for a Better Nights Sleep

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Monday, April 29, 2013

We were in our showroom. Now we’re back in our factory. It takes more than just a good looking cover to make a great mattress. We talked about the quality back then, now we’re here to show you how do you get the right comfort level? Well we get the comfort level from the different varieties of foam we use. We stay with real good qualities, but we can go from soft to very firm foams. For example, the one behind me is latex. Latex has a nice, plush cushion feel, and when you lie down on it, it really wraps around you and supports you. It’s very, very comfortable.

Now you can see I just assume not get up if I didn’t have to, but I will so that we can put another type of foam here, and you can see the difference between the nice, soft cushioning and firm cushioning yet staying with top quality.