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Mattress Protection

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mattress Protection - why it's important for your mattress and your health

Hi! This is Ron from Jonathan Stevens Mattress Company. Sometimes you don’t realize it but when you get that brand-new mattress at home, you need to protect the mattress also. There are two types of pads that you can use.

- One is the old-fashioned mattress pad

- the other is the new mattress protector

Your mattress pad is kind of soft and plush. It might change the comfort of your mattress, so you’re going to want to watch for that. Also, your mattress pad may not be fully absorbent, so if you spill something on the mattress it could go down into your mattress.

A mattress protector on the other hand is made to really protect your mattress. This is what we recommend if you spill something on your mattress protector that it’s guaranteed not to affect your mattress. A good quality mattress protector is also going to keep it in a much more sanitary condition.

Make sure you get a mattress protector that you can wash in hot water to kill all the bacteria. Put it back on your mattress and do that once a month. That’ll help your mattress stay fresh, clean, and last a lot longer.