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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hi! I am Ron from Jonathan Stevens Mattress Co. and I have a question for you.

When is a mattress sale not really a sale?

Well, when they fake that 50% off.

Mattress stores know that they have to get let’s say $500 for a mattress. If you want to save 50% off, they are going to tell you it was a $1,000 mattress at 50% off for $500.

At Jonathan Stevens Mattress Co. we don’t play that game. When you come in here we’re perfectly honest with you. There’s the $500 mattress. That’s what we need to get for it. We don’t mark it up fictitiously so you can think of greater savings.

You might even do a test. When another mattress store says they’re selling mattresses at 50% off, go in and look at that mattress you’re interested in and see the rock bottom price. Wait until they say they’re advertised for 70% off, and go look at that mattress and see the rock bottom price. You’ll be surprised. The bottom price didn’t change. It’s $500 all along.

Stop in at Jonathan Stevens Mattress Co. where we just show you the best mattress prices, where we have the best value and the most comfortable mattresses around.