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Quality Trumps Quantity

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

How much is enough when it comes to sleep? And does quality trump quantity of sleep? Well, there could be a thin line between quantity of sleep and quality but using basic scientific sleeping principles, the two can be gauged on many ends. Someone exhausted after having done a physically strenuous job will need a quality sleep to recover lost strength. There is the necessity of going through all the sleeping stages to call it a complete sleeping cycle.

The next question which would come to the fore is, what is the difference between quality and quantity sleep? While quality sleep would denote going through all the sleeping stages and wake up feeling replenished and stronger, quantity sleep is a scenario where one slumbers for many hours without the feeling of relaxation or satisfaction.

For a good sleep quality, Jonathan Stevens mattress would draw closer to thought. Medical prescriptions of quality sleeping are inclusive of lying on a good mattress that does not strain your back. Scientifically, sleeping should be undertaken in a certain posture in order to reap maximum benefits from it.

The benefits of quality sleep.

Quality sleep is closely associated with a healthy living and as a consequence yields forth many benefits to the body with regard to its normal functioning. Quality sleep is beneficial in terms of providing sufficient strength during the day necessary for undertaking physical duties at work. Sleeping in itself is a process of recuperating during which memory and general strength gets replenished. Further, quality sleep is not about the number of hour one has slumbered or taken a nap but the effectiveness of all the sleeping stages and in particular the Rapid Eye Movement sleeping stage (REM). The Rapid Eye Movement sleeping stage is an integral part of quality sleeping, which aids in brain development especially in young people. It is also a stage instrumental towards memory consolidation and in this case procedural and spatial memory. Basically, quality sleep involves the REM cycle by default and without this stage one simply cannot experience the benefits of a quality sleep.

Disadvantages of quantity sleep.

Quantity is the opposite of quality. Scientifically sleeping, quantity is disapproved given its limited or no benefits to human health. Sleeping for long hours say form 8p.m to midday the following day is closely linked to laziness as it often results in fatigue rather that strength. Actually there are no scientifically documented benefits of high quantity sleep. And hence by far, quality subdues quantity when it comes to sleeping.