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Rock Bottom Prices Every Day

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi, this is Ron from Jonathan Stevens Mattress Company. We’ve been in business for over 68 years now, and we’ve done that by offering a good value on a mattress and making a top quality mattress that’s comfortable.

We don’t play mattress pricing games. We don’t say, “Here’s your mattress. Here’s a free pillow. Here’s a free TV, and here’s free financing.” But it’s a Free TV!

We worked it out the other day with one of our competitors, and if you buy a Jonathan Stevens mattress, buy the pillows from a Jonathan Stevens store, and buy that new TV from your local Best Buy, you are going to get a better value and spend less money overall. So don’t be misled by everything that’s free.

Nobody gives stuff away for free. They have to cover the cost or we wouldn’t be in business that long. We’d rather give you the rock bottom, best value in mattresses in West Michigan, and that’s what we do.