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The Jonathan Stevens Mattress Value Difference

Monday, February 25, 2013

How much is something really worth to me? That is what people are wondering when they’re trying to decide the value of an object, item, product, or service. Initially, when you look at the price of a Jonathan Stevens mattress, you may end up wondering how can I get a better nights sleep and actually spend less money? Jonathan Stevens Mattress Company delivers a better nights sleep while saving you money over the competition. Customization, sound sleep, and prompt delivery are three crucial benefits of a Jonathan Stevens mattresses that should clear your doubts completely.

Unlike other mattress manufacturers who stack their retail stores and warehouses with ready-made mattresses, eager to dispatch the mattress the moment you swipe your credit card, at Jonathan Stevens, the retail stores have only live demo pieces. When you settle on a your Jonathan Stevens mattress the factory will make a mattress just for you. As you travel home from the retail store and continue your daily activities, the process of making your individual mattress is beginning; made from scratch and to the exact specifications you requested.

Currently, Jonathan Stevens has over thirty different mattress models to choose from. In turn, each of these models are completely customizable to your needs—whether it be the upholstery, the cushioning, the thickness, or the basic construction. A Jonathan Stevens mattress is handmade and precisely engineered to give you the exact amount of comfort you need.

“A good night’s sleep” is more than a catchphrase at Jonathan Stevens, they take it seriously. As a customer, you can walk into the any of their retail stores, lie on each mattress, and consider the differences until a specific mattress immediately relaxes your body and mind. That mattress could be the perfect cure for your nighttime sleeplessness. Based on your sleeping tendencies, style, and regularity, store representatives will help you with your decision so that when you make a purchase, you don’t feel shorthanded. A common complaint of many customers regarding ready-made mattresses is that the mattress feels great in the store, but back home, it feels different. This is because the mattress they receive is a brand-new mattress, unlike the showpiece they had lain on. At Jonathan Stevens, all the mattresses on display are exactly like the mattresses that come out of the factory. Such a high level of transparency is sure to give any customer a good night’s rest.

The crew at Jonathan Stevens understand the virtue of timely delivery. That is why immediately after you place an order, the factory begins building, double checking, and then delivering your mattress. And because the factory is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, there are no shipping or freightage charges. Within twenty-four hours—after your mattress is ready, tested and okayed—your mattress is delivered directly to your doorstep by warm and helpful Jonathan Stevens employees.

These three factors—customization, sound sleep, and prompt delivery—are three of the crucial benefits of Jonathan Stevens mattresses that should prove to you the worth of investing in our mattresses.