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Thinking About Handing Down Your Child’s Mattress or Purchasing Used? Think Again.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Children spent a lot of time in bed. According to the experts at the National Sleep Foundation, toddlers should get about 11-14 hours of sleep per day, and preschoolers need roughly the same. With approximately 50% of the early years spent in bed, are you putting enough thought and investment into the mattress they’re sleeping on?

Often, parents will elect to hand down mattresses to the younger siblings when the older ones outgrow them, or purchase a used mattress at a garage or thrift sale. However, there are various concerns that parents should be aware of. To be safe, it is best to purchase a brand new mattress for each child.

Dangers of Hand-Me-Down Mattresses

Used mattresses have led to illness and injuries, and should not be considered safe. In some states, secondhand mattresses are not allowed to be sold without proper inspection and safety approvals.

According to the University of Utah, handing down mattresses from one child to another can be especially dangerous for many reasons:

  • Dust mites and other organisms that have made their way into the mattress will only continue to grow in population. Unlike a favorite stuffed animal, mattresses can’t simply be tossed in a dryer to rid of these dangers.
  • The state of the mattress can often cause allergies, stuffiness, and trouble with breathing. Food stains, body perspiration, saliva, and other unwanted elements that have been acquired by the mattress over the years can be irritants to your child’s body.
  • After years of use, a mattress often begins to sag. A sagging mattress is an indication of a lack of support, and could result in discomfort and pain for your child both at night and during the day.
  • Finally, there are certain safety standards and protocols in mattress production processes that may not have been implemented at the time that your existing mattress was made. Mattresses made before these were put in place can put your child at risk of injury, especially in the case of a fire.

Invest in your children’s good night sleep with a new, supportive mattress.

At Jonathan Stevens, we know the importance of a good, healthy night’s sleep for people of all ages, but especially for children who are at a critical point in their lives in terms of brain and immune system development.

We provide a variety of safe, healthy mattresses for beds of all sizes. Our mattresses are built at the time of order, meaning they’re made just for you and your child. We’ll even build you one to fit those homemade bunkbeds or racecar beds! You name it, and we’ll make it. You can rest easy knowing that your child is getting a safe and healthy night’s sleep on their brand new mattress.

Additional Sleep Tips

In addition to a new mattress, try these tips for creating a proper sleeping environment for your child:  

  • Restrict all lighting. Ideally, the bedroom should be as dark as possible. A nightlight is okay for those children who are afraid of the dark, but try to locate it far away from the bed, and in the hallway if possible.
  • Restrict sounds. If you’re a parent of a young one, you’re aware of how distracted they can get. By keeping all sounds to a minimum or providing constant white noise with a fan, you’ll help their mind relax to fall asleep easily.
  • No screen time 2 hours before bed. This one is true for all ages. By cutting out televisions, tablets, and computers from within 2 hours of bedtime, your child should be able to unwind and fall asleep peacefully.  
  • Plenty of exercise. Another one for all ages - exercising wears us out! This is especially important for children whose bodies are growing rapidly and have very high energy levels. By wearing them out during the day, they’ll have less strength to fight sleeping at night.