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Harmony Gel

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The Harmony falls in our medium-soft mattress category with our unique Cool-Gel Swirled memory foam that helps alleviate pressure and reduces tossing and turning at night. We combine high-density polyurethane with both soft and firm cushioning to provide a unique, comfortable sleeping surface.

We use the same high quality 7” high-density base as all of our premium Cool-Gel Swirled memory foam mattresses and then add layers of 2.4# soft cushioning material over the firm base. We don’t stop there as we add another 2” of high-density plush cushioning before layering on 3” of Cool-Gel Swirled memory foam. This combination gives you a supportive, comfortable mattress you can’t find anywhere else. 

TwinXL Set $1,199.95
Full Set $1,449.95
Queen Set $1,599.95
King Set $1,999.95
TwinXL Mattress $999.95
Full Mattress $1,199.95
Queen Mattress $1,299.95
King Mattress $1,599.95

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Feature #1

Memory foam provides contoured comfort with the ultimate in pressure relieving support. 

Feature #2

Gel fully permeates the cell structure of the foam for a highly breathable surface with superior cooling properties.

Feature #3

The best of both worlds for luxurious, restorative sleep.