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SensuRest Fusion

Our Fusion models were designed to give you the benefit of both our supportive gel memory material and the plush feel of our premium soft latex material.

By combining the comfort and durability of pure latex and the pressure relieving properties of gel swirl memory foam, our new line of SensuRest Fusion mattresses offer a unique feel and many health benefits. Our latex source uses a continuous process that guarantees no vertical glue seams or laminations to ensure a uniform feel across the entire surface of the mattress—you won't find any firm spots, soft spots, or inconsistencies. The pure latex foam rubber is totally breathable, providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew cannot live in latex foam, which is great for allergy sufferers. The incorporation of gel into the SensuRest Fusion mattresses can prevent and alleviate pressure sores, as well as reduce the number of times the body needs to shift during the night. Our gel swirl memory foam incorporates Stay Fresh® technology to reduce the chemical odor associated with memory foam, maintain freshness for the product's life, and inhibit the absorption of odors.

We have combined the best of both worlds to deliver two new mattresses: the Concerto and the Overture. The components of the Concerto mattress combine for a soft and plush feel, while the Overture has a firm and supportive feel.


The Overture is topped with 2” of very high density pure latex foam rubber for a firm, supportive feel. This latex is...

$899.95 - $1,999.95


The Concerto is topped with 2” of medium density pure latex foam rubber for a soft, plush feel. This high quality latex is...

$799.95 - $1,899.95