All of our hospitality models use our exclusive ComfortFlex, interlocking continuous coil innerspring with our exclusive ComfortGuard 360 degree steel encased perimeter coil system. This system gives proper support for the sleepers, no matter their shape or size. The steel ComfortGuard system also gives the user the firmest edge support system to provide long term support on the edge of the mattress, where other mattresses have foam edges that break down quickly.

4-Star Mattress
Our unique ComfortFlex interlocking continuous coil system ensures that people of disproportional weight are properly supported while not disturbing their sleeping partner.
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Why 4-Star?
ComfortFlex Interlocking Continuous coil system
2 layers of comfort cushioning
Two sided so it can be turned often
5-Star Mattress
Our best Hopitality model starts with our firmest ComfortFlex continuous coil system with the unique ComfortGuard side support system for the most supportive innerspring available.
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Why 5-Star?
ComfortFlex + ComfortGuard continuous coil system
Polyurethane layer +2 layers of comfort cushioning
Built the same on both sides for maximum durability

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